Anti - Harassment Training

Remote "Zoom" training Available. 

Did you know that some states mandate anti-harassment training be given to all employees? Further, it must be provided on a periodic basis and also to new employees when hired. 

 Proactive sexual harassment training protects both employees and your company.  It can help to guard against toxic environments and to keep employees feeling safe in the workplace so that they can concentrate on their work.  And, it can offer legal protection to organizations.  

Your company has the legal requirement to keep the workplace free of any form of harassment.  If your company is ever accused of not taking the proper steps to do so the government agency or the courts will hold you liable.  When combined with a properly prepared handbook your company can be protected from these legal claims.

Ant-harassment training conveys to employees that you care about their safety and have taken steps to ensure it.  During the training sessions provided by The Fontana Group, employees and managers will receive information about what constitutes harassment, how it is defined, and who can be deemed a harasser.  One of the most important aspects to communicate to employees that they have the right to file a complaint with your company and that confidentiality will be maintained.  Employees must know that there will be no retaliation for reporting harassment whether as the victim or as a witness.                         
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