About The Fontana Group

As a small to medium size business, the decision on which broker to use can mean the difference between having a benefit program that is cost effective and meets you HR and business needs, or one for which you are paying more than you should, with benefits that are not right for your employees.

Before you set your course ask yourself two questions:

1. Where would you rather put your financial assets to work? In the business or in paying more than you need for a benefit program that may not be the best for you and your employees?  2. Should you spend your time growing your business, or trying to administer an employee benefit plan? 

Our clients made the obvious choice by having The Fontana Group as their Employee Benefits consultant.

The Fontana Group is a unique firm in the employee benefits arena.  As consultants with many years of experience in the industry, The Fontana Group is not the typical broker that businesses have been accustomed to.  Unlike others, The Fontana Group provides a strategy and direction to control costs, to provide high quality plans, and to keep administrative details away from the clients’ desks.  Our clients range in size from 2 to 900 employees, and represent industries such as energy consulting, mail operations outsourcing, and manufacturing.

Our proven successes include:

  1. Controlling medical costs.  The national average for medical cost increases is 14% to 16%.  Many plans have seen increases of over 20%.  Clients of The Fontana Group have averaged 7% to 8%. This means our clients keep more of their financial assets in the business and not in the carriers’ pockets.
  2. Little or no administration of our clients.  A hidden cost for employee benefits that brokers do not address is the time it takes to handle all the details from employee questions to enrollments and to claims issues.  Our clients do not waste their time on benefits tasks that add no value to the business.  They let The Fontana Group handle it for them promptly and efficiently.
  3. Handling compliance.  The cost of non-compliance in case of an audit can be significant and devastating. We make sure that you do not need to worry about the requirements of the laws and regulations that govern medical plans.
  4. Value-added services.  When you hire The Fontana Group you also get experts in Human Resources consulting and legal compliance.    This includes the development of an employee manual, legal compliance issues, and employee development programs and issues. Some of our resources can be made available to our clients directly online via a secured gated area.

About John Fontana

John Fontana is an Employee Benefits and Human Resources professional with over 30 years of experience in strategic planning.  During his career Mr. Fontana held senior positions with major companies with thousands of employees.  Mr. Fontana has been a member of the US Chamber of Commerce Benefits Committee and served on the Chamber’s special committee working with members of Congress on the funding of the Social Security and Medicare system.  He founded The Fontana Group in 1999.  Mr. Fontana is profiled in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World in recognition of his achievements in the benefits and human resources field. He is currently on the board of the Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce.