Providing Solutions to Increasing Healthcare Costs: The Fontana Group’s Strategic Approach to Controlling Healthcare Costs

The Fontana Group has provided successful healthcare solutions to our clients since 1999. Designing a financially effective and high-quality plan that meets your business’s needs and allows you to compete in today's business environment requires a firm that is innovative and who can develop strategic solutions. With our experience and knowledge of the industry we provide the solutions that are right for you and that minimize healthcare and benefit costs while maintaining quality benefits.

Our approach has been successful because we perform a number of analyses before even going to the marketplace:

  • An evaluation of your existing employee benefits program including current costs, premium funding, financial budgets and detailed claims experience.
  • Establish one, two and five year benefits strategy.
  • For groups of 50 or more employees we then provide carriers with a detailed Request for Proposal stating our clients goals and objectives.
  • For groups of at least 50 employees we effectively negotiate annual renewal premiums.
  • We know how important a carrier’s network of providers is to your employees.
  • We will perform a disruption analysis that compares your current carrier’s network to the one’s proposed
  • We develop innovative and strategic solutions based on the results of the bidding process
  • We provide a detailed analysis and report to you of your current program vs. proposed options
  • Included in the analysis are financial metrics that detail how cost-effective your program is
  • Coordinate and implement an enrollment and communications strategy to maximize your return on investment
In addition to medical we also provide consulting on the following employee benefits
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Short and Long-Term Disability
  • 401(k)
  • AFLAC plans
  • Other voluntary plans