Healthcare Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as healthcare reform, is the largest change in employer-provided health care in over 60 years.  It will represent a radical restructuring of employer-sponsored plans.  The government involvement will make your decisions about healthcare more complicated than ever before.  In this strange new world, employers must quickly explore and analyze the implications of health care reform on their employee benefit and workforce strategies and the opportunities and risks that reform generates.  Navigating the new environment and providing quality healthcare to you and your employees while controlling costs will take more of your time and require take in-depth knowledge of what is available and best for your business. 

Do you have the time to spare from your business?  Do you have the knowledge it takes to decipher the legislation and examine the economic affect on your business?  The Fontana Group is consulting with its clients and helping them to chart their courses through these turbulent seas.